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Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysYou Are Going On Vacation - Help Burglars Take One Too!

An empty house is a tempting target for a burglar. One of the times your home is most vulnerable is when it is left empty for an extended period of time. Darkened windows, mail or newspapers collecting and closed windows in hotter weather all advertise your absence to a potential burglar. Use this checklist of tips to help safeguard your home while you're away.

Have good locks on all doors and windows and USE THEM!

Ask a neighbor to watch the house while you're away. It's a good idea to leave your vacation address and telephone number with a neighbor so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

Never leave your house key hidden outside your home.

Stop all deliveries, or arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers and packages.

Arrange for someone to mow your lawn, rake leaves and maintain the yard to give the home a lived-in look. Plants slowly dying due to lack of water may announce your absence.

Plug in timers to turn lights, a radio or television on and off at appropriate times. This helps to disguise the fact that you are away.

Don't announce your absence on answering machine messages.

Leave your blinds, shades and curtains in a normal position. Don't close them unless that is what you do when you are home.

Close and lock garage doors and windows. Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway. If you leave your car at home, park it as you normally would. Vehicles parked outside should be moved occasionally to appear that they are being used.

Tell your local police you plan to be away. Patrol officers may have the opportunity to periodically check your home.

Engrave your valuables as recommended in Operation I.D. This simple step will allow your stolen property to be identified and returned to you if recovered by the police.

Check your lease. Many landlords require that you notify them if your apartment is going to be left empty for any period of time (this is so they can enter in case of emergency even if they can't reach you). If you've got a house sitter this isn't necessary.

Traveling Safety

If you are driving, make sure your vehicle has been properly serviced and is in suitable condition for the journey.

Try to have specific directions and routes to your destination.

If you get lost, call the local police for directions or assistance.

Always keep your vehicle doors and windows locked.

At stop lights and other traffic delays, leave enough space in front of your vehicle so that you have an escape option in case of an emergency.

Let someone know the route you intend to travel and your itinerary. This will help authorities in locating you if there is a need to do so.

Plan your trip carefully and allow for factors such as weather, fatigue, facilities for lodging, food and fuel. Be sure you have sufficient finances, either cash, travelers checks or credit cards.

Ask the hotel or motel staff about their security measures so you know what to expect.

Use the hotel safe to store your valuables during your stay.

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