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Secure Your Dealership Place

Vehicle crimes are common in almost every part of the world. No type of transport is safe from the greedy eyes of thieves and burglars. They will even steal a bicycle if given a chance. So of course, cars are a big deal for criminals. Every day hundreds of complaints get filed for stolen cars and missing car parts. If a thief cannot break into your automobile they will try to take away some other part of it may it be the headlights, car battery, or side mirrors. If a single car parked on the street attracts thieves, then a car dealership would be their paradise.

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Secure Your Dealership Place

Now coming back to the topic: securing your dealership is better than paying for the damages afterward. However, no matter how many safety measures you take, there will always be a thief who knows how to work their way around the traps. Fortunately, we have made a tactful four step security guide that would assist you to keep your dealership sound and safe:

  • Step 1: Hire some buff and burly security guards.

Whoever says that hiring security guards is outdated is surely out of their mind. Having a security guard on your business premises will discourage thieves from breaking into your dealership. You can employ security guards from an official security agency.

Hire professional guards who’d know what they are doing. Automobiles cost abundant money, so a dealership is not any less important than a bank. Moreover, security guards will take care of mishaps during business hours, as they can easily intimidate and escort customers who like to cause a ruckus.

  • Step 2: Install CCTV camera at every entrance.

Though guards are excellent for protection, they should not be your only security option. Make sure that the interior and exterior of the dealership has fully functioning security cameras. Just like security guards, CCTV cameras will deter unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, burglars nowadays know how to disable cameras, hence you must place some cover on the cameras to camouflage it. Cameras are beneficial to investigate robberies that might happen around your dealership. So, by installing it, you will be helping others as well.

  • Step 3: Use security lighting as well.

Vandals and burglars like to do their work in the dark of the night, so what better way to catch them than security light. If security guards and surveillance camera do not ward off thieves, then the bright LED light would make them regret their decision of entering without permission.

Startle LED Security Light is one of the brightest flood lights available in the market. This light activates by passive infrared sensors which turn on at the slightest movement. It is dazzling and harsh glare will stop the trespasser in its tracks.

  • Step 4: Use sirens of dog alarms.

You require some audible warning in your security system as well. For this purpose, sirens are the best, as they will immediately alert the guards and police. Other than a siren, barking dog alarms are also trending these days. Nothing will scare the burglar more than the fear of being bitten by a canine. Since it is hard to afford and groom a dog, it is better to have barking dog alarms instead. Before the burglar ever has a chance to vandalize a car, the motion detector dog alarm will startle him and he will run for his life.

Various business owners make the mistake of using any one of the techniques mentioned above. Your dealership will only be adequately safe when it is well-equipped with all the security stuff.

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