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Self Defense: How You Protect Yourself

We all invest in health and nutrition, in order to keep fit and healthy. But what’s the point of being in fine fettle if you cannot keep yourselves protected? Admit it. We live in a harsh, violent world, where crimes are taking place every second throughout the globe. Almost everyone has been in an unfortunate position at least once in their life. Some people have been threatened or attacked by strangers, while some encountered serious mishaps, leading to severe injuries, broken bones, wounds or in some cases, just brutally murdered. So it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this violent world that we live in today. And that is when self-defense comes in handy.

Self-defense is nothing but to take responsibility for yourself. People nowadays have to spend a great deal of time outside the house for various purposes, like work, school, hanging out with friends, etc. So when you are out in public, it is essential that you safeguard yourself from any unexpected assault or mishaps. The following are some phenomenal, easy-to-carry self-defense devices that can help you to protect yourself and loved ones from the realities of violence that surround you every day. These devices are easily available and are highly portable, as you can carry them on your bags, pockets, hands or even on those chic monogrammed clutches from I Flew the Nest.

self defense

Pepper sprays

Pepper sprays are the safest and the most commonly used self-defense devices used by people. They are mainly used by young women as they are lightweight and can be easily attached to the key chain. Pepper sprays render the attacker harmless for 20 to 30 minutes and can shoot up to 5 to 7 blasts or more depending on the size of the container. These sprays can work from long distances, up to 8 to 10 feet away. The spray contains cayenne pepper, the hottest pepper in the world, which causes the attackers eyes or face to swell up. Pepper sprays come in various shapes and sizes, such as pens, pagers, lipsticks, etc.

Stun Guns

If you are already under the grasp of your assailant, then stun guns can be very effective. Stun guns, unlike pepper sprays, does not cause pain to the attacker, but instead, generates enough voltage to floor the attacker directly and disable them for good 20 to 30 minutes. These guns do not require any accuracy and are very discreet. A wide variety of stun guns are now available, like stun gun in a cell phone, pen, flashlight, etc.


Tasers are one of the most popular self defense gadgets, used by police, security officers and even by general public. They are extremely easy to use and are effective from long distances, up to 15 feet away. The shock produced by the taser can temporarily disable the body movement of your attacker, helping you to escape from them.

With the increasing cases of crime surrounding us, it is essential for us to start thinking about ourselves and our loved ones. An attack can happen anytime, anywhere and to anybody. So the least we can do is to learn the art of self-defense and protect ourselves from these dangers.

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