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This deluxe slingshot folds down to a compact size and has over 100 yard range. This pocket sized fistful of power boasts a light aluminum frame and split leather pouch. This slingshot is perfect for vermin control or for just having fun. Paintballs and extra sling shot bands with ammo are also available.Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays

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  • Folding Wrist Lock

  • Surgical Latex Power Bands

  • Firm Positive Grip for Steady Aim and Superior Accuracy

3704-RB--Extra band and
ammo (10) for sling shot.
Add Extra Band and Ammo for only $3.95

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays$9.95 each

Paintballs - great for slingshot ammo - also used for our .40 cal blowguns


Paintballs--100 pack
$7.00 each


Paintballs--250 pack
$14.00 each


Slingshots (also know as a catapult, shanghai, or katty), are small hand-powered projectile weapons. Typical construction consists of a simple forked frame (Y-shaped) with two rubber strips attached to the uprights. A pocket for holding the projectile is present in the middle of the rubber.

Slingshots are normally fired by holding the frame in your non-dominant hand and extending it out at arms length. The pocket is then gripped between your thumb and forefinger of the dominant hand. Pull the pocket back towards your cheek, aim, and release to fire the projectile toward the target.

Simple home-made slingshots were popular children's toys for much of the twentieth century.

Construction and Slingshot Use

Although the simple forked stick and rubber models are still made by children, there are now a range of commercial models, including very sophisticated and powerful Slingshots.

Powerful commercial slingshots now have a wrist-braces, and some models have stabilizers, rotating prongs, sighting mechanisms and other sophisticated improvements. While these are not necessary, they usually improve the power, lifespan of the rubber bands and their accuracy.

The material for the rubbers is critical. The best widely-available material is dipped latex rubber, surgical tubing or latex sheeting. These typically last about six months before they needs to be replaced. Slingshots an extra rubber bands should be stored under water away from sunlight, which causes them to stiffen and crack.


A slingshot can be powerful enough to easily hunt game such as small rodents and birds at ranges up to 25 meters or beyond.


Slingshots may also be used in recreational paintball games as backup weapon or silent sniping. Even though the average speed and distance of a slingshot is slightly less than that of a paintball gun, some paintball playing fields may not allow them.

Paintball Advantages/Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of slingshot paintball is the rate of fire of a slingshot is far less than that of a paintball gun. However, since all players can be equipped with a slingshot in a normal game, the skill of the player is the determining factor. The main advantage of slingshot paintball is that the cost of a slingshot is much less than that of a paintball marker and, on average, a game of slingshot paintball requires about 10 paintballs to play, as compared to standard paintball, which often exceeds 200 or even 2000 paintballs. Another difference of using a slingshot is its ability to shoot almost silently. This enables players to eliminate opponents without revealing their location as a sniper. The primary benefit of slingshot paintball is strategy.

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