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Some Uses of Melanotan II You Probably Do Not Know About

Melanotan II is a synthetic hormone that helps to enhance the production of melanin in the body. You have probably heard about this peptide, which was first synthesized at the University of Arizona, and you are wondering what it can be used for. It is also possible that you already know one thing that Melanotan II can be used for, but not aware of the others. Here are some uses of the peptide you need to know about.

Skin tanning

It is very likely that you already know Melanotan II as a tanning agent, and a good one at that. Melanotan generally, including Melanotan I, is known to be helpful in achieving a dark skin tan. When this synthetic hormone is introduced into the body, it stimulates production of melanin in the body the same way being exposed to sun does. This dark pigment called melanin is usually produced as the body’s response to prolonged sun exposure. The sun tanning process is aimed at producing melanin through the use of sun rays to give the skin a darker tan. Melanotan II helps to achieve similar and better results without having to ensure significant heat from the sun.


Skin cancer prevention

Melanotan II is equally helpful in preventing occurrence of skin cancer. As a matter of fact, this was the primary reason behind the synthesis of the drug. The researchers responsible for the introduction of Melanotan II reasoned that skin cancer could be prevented by activating the skin tanning process. The melanin induced by this peptide helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This is considered natural skin tanning in that Melanotan II simply induces the natural pigmentary system of the body to create a protective tan.

Sexual life enhancement

If you happen to be having problem with your sexual life, it will interest you to know that Melanotan II may help to deal with the issue. This synthetic hormone contains a metabolite called Bremelanotide, on which research is being carried out as a possible treatment option for sexual dysfunction. This metabolite can help to boost libido and sexual performance. It has been theorized that the improvement in sexual performance results from effect of Melanotan II on the hypothalamus.

Weight loss

The rate at which a person eats is a contributory factor to obesity. Melanotan II, which can be easily obtained from a Melanotan supplier, might actually help you to lose weight if frequent eating is something you find hard to control. The synthetic hormone helps to suppress appetite thereby helping you reduce the frequency of your food intake. The peptide is able to do this by working on the appetite-suppressing receptor in a user’s brain.

Chances are that you do not know some of the uses of Melanotan II mentioned before now. There are those who are aware of the peptide as a great skin tanning agent, but do not know that it can also boost sexual performance, stop skin cancer and help with weight loss. Some of the beneficial effects mentioned are actually side effects of the drug. Before using Melanotan II, it is strongly advised that you speak with a doctor for information on possible side effects.

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