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"And, of course, the most amazing thing
is how fast you can learn it!"

Top Secret Hand-To-Hand Fighting System
Finally Released To Civilians!

Now, with the release of this incredible elite military fighting system, you can easily "take down" trained boxers, Karate masters and street thugs much bigger than you... even if you've never been in a real fight before in your life!

We all wondered whether this new "simplified" hand-to-hand fighting system created for combat and intense criminal warfare should ever be released to the general public. Because...

No One Wanted The Bad Guys To Have It!

Here's the bottom line: How safe do you feel in today's jungle-world? Are you even remotely interested in learning how (in a matter of mere hours) to turn any attacker or bully into a pile of bleeding beef at your feet --and so automatically - that you (or your loved ones) can always terminate a dangerous physical assault situation before it even begins? Would you like to have the confidence to walk nearly any street in the world, any time of day or night... knowing without question you can "neutralize" the threat of physical assault by criminal scum as easily and thoughtlessly as you would shoo away an alley cat?

I guarantee that if you are like every other man I've talked with in the last year, just reading this short message you have in your hands will start amazing changes to happen in your life! Changes that will turn you into a true modern-day warrior...

With So Much New Confidence Leaking
From Your Pores People Will Take Notice
From Across The Room!

It doesn't matter if you are in the worst physical shape of your life, or even if you've never hit another person before, or don't have the coordination to walk and chew gum.

Are you skeptical? Good. That means you're not gullible, not easily fooled. But then almost everyone in the last year has been just as skeptical as you. And listen to what happened:
--A pint-sized writer I know from Los Angeles was nursing a broken rib when he was bear-hugged from behind by a construction worker bully who outweighed him by at least thirty pounds. Now, this writer had never been in a real fight before in his life... in fact, his only training came from just watching the 8 basic moves of this fighting system on video tape... one time! Yet he automatically used one of those "moves" the second he felt his rib begin to give...

And Was Astonished To Turn Around And
See His Attacker Down
And Whimpering On The Sidewalk!

--A working mother named Cindy Bowes from Ohio... after glancing at this stuff (on a video), could only remember one move when she was assaulted by a man on her front lawn --but that one move put her assailant into such a boggled state that she was able to leisurely call the police and have him hauled off.
Here's how this amazing fighting system "leaked" from the most elite military circles into your hands : You've never heard about Paul Vunak, but the SEALS , FBI , CIA and a dozen police department SWAT teams have. He is without question one of the most respected --and dangerous -- men in the world at hand-to-hand combat -- teaching it, and using it. For over 20 years he's been mixing it up with every sort of fighting "expert" you can imagine... on the street, "in the clutch", and in thousands of situations where his life was absolutely on the line. (check out his bio!)
Imagine this: You're a SEAL out in the action; you've just crawled through miles of dense jungle, you haven't eaten for three days, you're dehydrated, sick from dysentery, wounded in two places, out of ammo, and carrying a sixty-pound pack.

You ain't gonna rely on a Hollywood spinning round-house kick when the enemy ambushes you. That's not the way real fighting happens. And that's why Paul Vunak's "simplified" hand-to-hand system is so treasured by the soldiers and police and federal agents who need to rely on it.

  • There are no complicated moves! In fact, in Paul's "basic" system, there are only 8 moves total! And all of them are unbelievably effective, and all can be learned and mastered in only a matter of hours.
  • You don't have to be quick, or coordinated, or even in decent physical shape! All the deadly power comes from extensions of the way your body naturally moves. This is called your "gross motor skills" -- the same simple movements you use to walk across the room, to scratch your ear, or to step into a car. (I've seen 5-year-old kids who still run funny take down bullies twice their size and age... and little old ladies with limps cancel out young violent men!)
  • You don't need to train constantly to become a master of this system! The SEALS , the cops, the agents... none of them have time to waste in training. Yet they feel confident using Paul's system even after a single lesson! (As you will, too!)
  • Plus, just as importantly, there is no formality, no religious nonsense or bowing or wearing odd uniforms in this system! It is not martial arts -- it is a simplified fighting system that goes beyond the street smarts any martial art could ever offer you!

What we did was brilliant. We decided to video-tape an entire "teaching course" with Paul, and get it to people all at once. This is no ordinary video -- instead, it's a genuine breakthrough in training technique... even better than what many of the cops and soldiers got during their own initial training!

This is the most intense and enlightening hour you'll spend in front of a T.V.! We spent months of preparation for the shoot, and spent about ten times more money in production than we'd planned on -- but we're not complaining. This video surpasses all of our wildest dreams. You see, we've all seen about a thousand of the other videos out there -- you can pick up any martial art magazine and see twenty ads a month for the latest fad among karate "experts". But they're all a huge waste of time, shot with "Uncle Ernie's" hand-held camcorder and without a second thought given to teaching you anything. All you get is a long, boring home video of a guy showing off his air punches and spinning kicks, or of some weird seminar where you had to be there to get anything of value.

We went the other way -- using 3 cameras on Paul and the action at all times. So you get the best shot to see what's happening, then get it again from a different angle... and then get it again in slow motion, with everything described and broken down into it's simplest and most easily-learned form.

Paul has absolutely dedicated himself to teaching you everything you need to know... and to do it so you can come away from your first viewing with enough powerful know-how and new skills to increase your naturally fighting ability by 200%... instantly! This is the equivalent of having 8 personal, super-intense lessons all recorded just for you... by the most respected hand-to-hand fighter on the planet! But it's not fool-proof. Don't be a fool, and don't go looking for trouble. That's not what this video is about.Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays

$39.99 $34.88 each

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