How To Disarm An Assailant

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The subject is Advanced Gun Disarmament and Weapons Retention ? the most important martial arts tactic in "street level" SWAT work today. Why? Because 75% of all cops who are shot, are shot in the line of duty?

And They Are Shot With Their OWN GUN!

That means criminals are wrestling guns away from cops and shooting them. The bad guys are getting so good at advanced streetfighting, that even the best-trained cops in the country right now are helpless as kittens in close-quarters combat in the street. Even when the cops think they are in control of a situation? they quickly end up eating one of their own bullets.

That's why this incredibly advanced (and very secret) seminar is in the works. Cops all over the country are demanding immediate training in taking weapons away from criminals? and keeping their own weapons from being taken away by criminals.

The "go to" guy behind all this advanced training? is Bob Taylor. He's already done several training videos - including the original "Gun Disarmament" videos, with co-host Randy Wanner, which has become the "bible" of disarmament training for SWAT cops all over the US? plus the best-selling "Unarmed & Fearless" tapes.

Bob, works closely with cops and federal agents, and is world-famous for his "Roundeye" custom-made fighting knives.

Listen : It's a new world out there in the streets. The bad guys are getting so savvy at hand-to-hand combat, that you