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Tips for Keeping Your Conservatory Secure from Burglaries

Conservatories are absolutely glorious.  This home trend is becoming increasingly popular because the open glass looks amazing, homes can expand easier without tedious construction requirements, they are quick to set up and you get a lot of functionality.  You can use your conservatory as a sunroom or as a greenhouse where you can grow your own veggies to feed your family.  Conservatories do however have one major disadvantage and that is security.   Conservatories can be dangerous and can leave your home vulnerable to burglaries if you don’t get them constructed correctly.

Tips for Keeping Your Conservatory Secure from Burglaries

How to secure your conservatory

Security features needs to be considered right from the start if you are considering this type of home extension.  Here’s how to get your conservatory to be just as safe as the rest of your home.

The doors – You may think that burglars will go straight for the glass but they will in fact rather go for your door.  Door locks are often much easier and much quieter to pick.  Invest in a multi-point locking system with alarm for your doors.

The windows – Your conservatory windows is the second most vulnerable part.  Ensure that all windows are tightly closed with good quality locks so this will no longer be an easy access.

The roof – Your roof is the third access point that burglars will consider if they want to break in.  You have quite a lot of options to choose from for a secure conservatory roof like polycarbonate, glass or a solid roof that will provide the maximum protection from both natural elements and robbers.  Conservatory Roof Guide is a terrific site that you can check out for the best advice on secure conservatory roofs as well as conservatory roof costs.

The glass – Toughened glass is critical if your conservatory forms part of your home.  Glazing is important for your windows and you can also invest in internal beading so the entire glass panel cannot be removed by burglars.

Conservatory frame – Of course you need a good quality frame.  Wood is never a good idea for a conservatory because it is much easier to break down and much more vulnerable to termites and general weather damage.  An aluminum frame is one of the best choices you can make for a strong conservatory.

Security habits – Good locks don’t help much if your conservatory is always open.  Sure, your plants might need some fresh air but it is dangerous to leave your windows or doors open during the night.  Good security habits, some common sense and an overall alertness are some of the best ways to improve your home and conservatories security.

Alarm system – Alarm systems can prevent robberies and damage to your property.  Most modern alarm systems are installed and there is usually an indicator to show you whether your alarm system is activated or not when you are outside.  This indication is great for preventing robbery attempts because criminals can easily spot that you do in fact have enhanced security.

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