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Tips for keeping your house safe while you are away

During vacations many of us worry about leaving our house unoccupied because of high crime rates and burglaries, but you needn’t worry. We have some great tips that will give you peace of mind while you are away knowing that you have done your absolute best to keep your home safe, meaning you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Ask a friend to pop in every other day

Criminals as a rule normally plan a burglary and will keep an eye on a targeted house to find the best opportunity to burgle it. They normally watch the routines of the occupants and this simple tip will mean that it will be impossible for prospective burglars to know when the house will be occupied or not, especially if you ask a neighbor or a friend to pop in at different times. Perhaps they can water your plants for you and they can collect the post. This is the biggest sign that someone is on vacation if the post remains in the post box for a number of days so ask your friend to collect the post as well for you.

Invest in a good security system

This pointer should go without saying as all homes should have a good security system as standard. The better the security system the less likely you are to be targeted for a burglary, especially if you have cctv cameras as well. Most security systems will have separate settings should you be away for a longer period of time and even a simple flashing light of an alarm will make entrance to your home difficult for an intruder and this will act as a great deterrent.

Purchase light timers

Light timers are a low cost deterrent for burglars who prowl in the dark and look for houses where the lights have been off for a few consecutive nights as this shows the property is empty. Light timers can be programmed to randomly turn the lights on at different times of the evening and in different rooms, making it virtually impossible to tell that no one is at home. There is no such thing as too much light so use the light timers in at least three rooms every night, making sure that the light in the lounge is programmed to turn on every night as this is the most used room in the house. The other rooms need to alternate between bedrooms and the kitchen, giving the complete illusion that the house is occupied the whole time you are away.

Purchase motion sensors

Exterior lights can be purchased that have built in motion sensors and this is another cost effective way to keep your property safe. It is best to install them at the front and the back of the house and should a prowler be around he will be very startled when he is suddenly becomes illuminated in light showing the world someone is on your property. There are different exterior lights that have different distance spans before they light up, so depending on the size of your exterior space you can choose the best ones for your property.

With the advanced security options around in today’s market there is no need to worry about leaving your property vacant while you are on vacation. Following these tips will insure that your property, valuables, household goods and even your Kate Blenders 101 stays safe and protected just as you left it all before you went on vacation. Have a good trip and relax.

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