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Top Reasons Why You Should Interview and Research Your Tenants Properly

Renting out an apartment or a room in your home is and will always be one of the best and easiest ways to earn some extra cash.  Good tenants can mean much more to your home than just a good income.  They can keep an eye on your home while you are away for the holidays.  They can assist you with chores in and around the house or they could even provide valuable services to you such as cooking, cleaning or general home care.

Why you should interview and research your tenants properly

Our world is crazy and filled with people who are capable of terrible things and people who simply cannot help themselves when it comes to cheating others.  You should do a thorough background check on all possible tenants for the following reasons;

Ensure you receive rental income – There are plenty of tenants out there who seem terrific during interviews but are actually hiding terrible bad credit.  Before you know it you will be stuck with a tenant whom you are not allowed to kick out and who simply refuses to pay the rent.  A background check will also give you some good information on the work history of a possible tenant so you can be sure that they won’t be out of a job frequently.

Watch out for criminals – A good background check will warn you if the tenant has a bad criminal record.  It would be terrible if you are harboring someone who deals in drugs, or perhaps has a history of robberies or property destruction.

Watch out for bad habits – When you meet up with a person in person you can tell a lot about their personality from their looks.  Someone who takes pride in their personal appearance will take pride in the rental apartment or room and is much more likely to keep things tidy.   Baggy eyes and dirty hair can clue you in on some lazy or dirty habits so you don’t end up with someone whom you need to clean up after.

Ask references – Phoning up some of the tenant’s previous landlords is a terrific way to find out what type of tenant you are dealing with.  The previous landlords are sure to give you info on whether the tenant was steady when it comes to payments and especially when it came to taking good care of your property.

The best way to research tenants

A tenant background check and a tenant credit check is the best way to eliminate a lot of the risks involved in renting out your property.  During the background check all of the possible tenants will be screened and checked for criminal records, bad credit, a bad rental history and more so you can be as safe as possible when you are trusting complete strangers onto your property. Tenant background checks are surprisingly quick, surprisingly affordable and are the best way to go if you want to make a big success of your rental income.

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