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Unique Home Security Options

If you are looking to add an additional level of security to your home, there are a variety of options that go beyond the standard alarm system.  Whether you are looking for inexpensive or low maintenance options, or want to add the latest tech to the mix, your home’s overall security can be improved in ways that you may not have previously considered.

Door Security Bars

Sliding doors are often an easy target as they do not generally have door locks that offer the same level of security as a deadbolt.  If you have a patio door, installing a simple patio bar can make your home significantly more secure.

A patio bar prevents the door from sliding in its track, and can make it more difficult to remove the door from the outside.  They are simple to setup, and can last a lifetime.

Change the Landscaping

It is not uncommon for thieves to force their way into a home through a window, with some being willing to break it in the process.  If you want to discourage thieves from targeting your windows, consider changing what it planted in front of it.

While any large hedge will make the task more cumbersome to complete, you can make it more difficult by planting a variety with thorns.  For example, keeping a large rose bush under a window gives the aspiring thief something to contend with before they can even reach the window.  This may deter them from even considering your home as a target.

Similarly, make sure that your landscaping does not provide a good hiding spot for those looking to force their way it.  Large trees may cast shadows over a doorway, or a hedge may prevent passersby from noticing a thief crouched at your door.  You also want to make sure that any nearby trees do not provide easy access to the second story of your home, and make sure that all windows are secured regardless of their location.

Drone Surveillance

If you have a large property, having a drone on-hand may help provide you with a set of eyes that you can take anywhere.  Not only can this allow you to track any suspicious activity, it can also be used to monitor any people or animals on the property.

For example, if you own a few horses, and one gets out of the fenced pasture, you can use the drone to help figure out where it went.  This may allow you to locate the horse faster than if you were just on foot.

You can check out a variety of options at http://bestdroneforthejob.com/.

Alternative Peepholes

A wide angle peephole can provide you greater visibility from your front door.  This allows you to see a larger portion of your property without having to open the door or move to a window.  They are easy to install, especially if you are looking to replace a current peephole.

For those looking for a more high-tech solution, a video peephole may be the ticket.  Not only will this provide you with a solid vantage point, it can often be viewed from a smartphone.  This means that you can see who is at the door regardless of whether or not you are home.  Some of the applications even allow you to record the video, providing an extra level of safety should something happen.

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