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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

Vicious Russian "Top Secret" Spec Op
Military Fighting System Finally Revealed
By Defiant "Underdog" U.S. Businessman!


This exciting news is going to blow the lid off
the "self-defense" industry. Due to some unbelievably
complex (international) breakthroughs...

Its a videotape Of Russian Spec Op Unarmed Combat Secrets The U.S. Military Spent Millions Trying To Steal!

And the U.S. military still doesn't have these amazing fighting secrets! You cannot find a qualified teacher of these vicious hand-to-hand fighting secrets ANYWHERE in the United States... not in the military Special Forces, not in the FBI or CIA Virginia compounds, not in any of the high-tech "foreign experiment" dojos around "Area 51" in Nevada (the most secret military installation in the world). This stuff is hands-down the best-kept secret among "insiders" in the world of serious combat.

There's no law against owning these tapes... or selling them. Once the tapes are in the hands of the "public" (meaning non-military people like you), the game is over.

But, man, are you ever going to be blown away by these tapes Vladimir made! If you value your self-defense (and the protection of your family and loved ones)... you have just discovered the easiest... yet most effective way to beat any attacker (of any size), anywhere, anytime... even if you are surprised, outnumbered, or bare-handed against a weapon!

You learn it fast, it's easy to use, and yet even casual training in it will allow you to rub the noses of bigger, meaner, and more skilled black belt/streetfighing thugs into the dirt. It's so deceptively dangerous, people will think you're using magic to knock opponents out! Sounds like a Hollywood movie, doesn't it? Well, it's not. Two expensive "investigative reporters" were hired to see if all this was the truth. Here's what they found:

It's just hands-down the most devastating fighting system anyone's ever seen. (This is freely admitted by martial art experts in every discipline.) Second, it's simple to master, and not based on strength or conditioning? the equivalent of handing you a loaded revolver to face an unarmed attacker:

No contest!

Then there's the amazing "short cut" learning process.